Entrepreneurship for Kids!

With a Biz in a Boxx entrepreneurship kit, kids and teens can easily start and run their very own business.

Each kit comes with an age-appropriate workbook that guides young entrepreneurs through setting up their own business while teaching the fundamentals of business. Unlike other youth entrepreneurship programs, Biz in a Boxx doesn’t put a limit on creativity or ideas. Does your child want to start a web development business? How about a pet care, landscaping or photography business? Is your child interested in creating apps, developing a cosmetic line or starting a bakery? The sky’s the limit.

Biz in a Boxx

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Biz in a Boxx and Kidpreneurs Team Up!

At Biz in a Boxx and Kidpreneurs we want to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs - kids who breathe, experiment and develop their entrepreneurial spirit; the future innovators, social providers of new solutions and the contributors to financial wealth.
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